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Coffee, Coffee, Coffee 

TheDepot and IL Outfitters have you covered with a wide selection of Black Rifle Coffee. We LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Coffee, Well I do, Brenda and Holder, not so much, LoL. Black Rifle Coffee Company is a veteran-owned coffee company serving premium coffee to those who love America. They develop explosive roast profiles with the same mission focus they  learned as military members serving this great country and are committed to supporting veterans, law enforcement, and first responders. With every purchase made, they give back.

BRCC import’s their high-quality coffee beans from Colombia and Brazil and roast 5 days a week at facilities in Manchester TN, and Salt Lake City, UT. The best way to enjoy freedom-filled coffee is with the Black Rifle Coffee Club. When you join the club, your chosen brew is roasted, packaged, and shipped free to your door on your schedule. Not only do you save a trip to the store, you receive special discounted pricing on roasts and gain access to exclusive products, member-only content, partner discounts, and more.

What is the deal with Black Rifle coffee

The company sells premium coffee and apparel to “people who love America,” according to its website. Black Rifle is known for its die-hard support of military veterans and active-duty personnel, emergency first-responders and gun rights. Through its social media accounts, the company has a robust advertisement arm. The company was founded in December 2014 by former Green Beret Evan Hafer. He began by selling a small volume of his "Freedom Roast" coffee through a friend's apparel website. The coffee sold well, so Hafer launched his own brand and website through which to sell his coffee and branded accessories.

 Evan Hafner

Black Rifle was founded in 2014 by Hafer and two fellow veterans who served in Afghanistan and Iraq and who were enthusiastic enlistees in America’s culture wars too. The company billed itself as pro-military, pro-law enforcement and “anti-hipster.” Early customers could download a shooting target from the company’s Facebook page that featured a bowtied man with a handlebar mustache. Its early coffees included the Silencer Smooth roast and the AK-47 Espresso blend. During Trump’s presidency, Black Rifle’s gleeful provocations grew more directly political. It endorsed Trump’s Muslim ban and bought Google ads based on searches for “Covfefe.” (“They should be running Trump’s comms shop,” the alt-right conspiracy theorist Jack Posobiec wrote in a tweet praising the Google maneuver.) Before long, Black Rifle became the unofficial coffee of the MAGA universe, winning public endorsements from Sean Hannity and Donald Trump Jr.

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Local pickup is available at TheDepot, in Downtown Lakeview 115 E Lake St, Tuesday - Saturday from 10am-6pm.

Author Eric Brown

Eric Brown

Eric is an Entrepreneur, a Real Estate Developer and an Apartment Operator. He is also a Writer/Published Author of SecondAct Entrepreneur, From Detroit, he has returned to Indian Lake where he grew up. Eric has a deep love and passion for HotSauces, and CutFlowers. His UrbaneFarm, is a purveyor of special one of a kind HotSauces, Salsa’s, BBQ Sauce, Rubs, Gourmet Salts, Spices, Chips and Jerky, available at TheDepot. CutFlowers are available in season. You can meet Eric most Friday and Saturdays slinging Chicago Dogs at BackAlley Eatzz, a GrillTrailer located at TheDepot in Downtown Lakeview, OH. Stop in and say Hello!

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