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Bees, Bees, Bees Are The Life Nate's Nectar

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Bees, Bees, Bees Are The Life Nate's Nectar

The Depot carries a full line of Nate's Nectar  a family-owned business that began with Nate’s interest in bees during his college years. We are proud to offer both natural raw honey and creamed honey, plus a variety of health care products and beeswax candles. Nate’s Nectar family-owned business includes honey and beeswax products created from the family apiary. Nate’s Nectar also offers beeswax products and candles in a variety of aromas. These beeswax products include – ​ Beeswax Body Butter Bee Healed Chapstick Bee Healed Salve Body Care Box  In addition, Nate’s Nectar offers these beeswax candles in 4-ounce...

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