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Do Your Resolutions Consist Of Purging, Creating Space, Cleaning Or Making More Money

We all have that one drawer, or let's be honest, an entire room, that we dread looking into because it creates an instant, overwhelming question of, "What am I going to do with ALL that stuff?"

We promise you are not alone, it's okay, and we can help. If your New Year resolutions consist of purging, creating more space, cleaning and making money while doing it, being a vendor at The Depot is the answer for YOU! 

Getting started is as simple as gathering just one box or piece of furniture at a time and bringing it to The Depot. By doing so, you are purging items you are not using, creating more space, cleaning out that drawer, closest, bedroom or garage you have not seen in years and earning money when the items sell. 

We offer several booth sizes as well as display spaces to fit any budget. Contracts are simple, fair, affordable and available in short and long terms.  

Contact us today, via email or phone, 937-633-0147, for more information or set up a time to meet, discuss your items and join The Depot as our newest vendor. 

The Depot is located at 115 East Lake Street in Downtown Lakeview. Business hours are Tuesday through Saturday from 10am to 6pm. 

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