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DU Duck Dash Virtual 5K 10K Walk Run Bike Event

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Holder and Brenda, known as #TeamILO, completed the DU Duck Dash! Holder is an avid duck hunter and Ducks Unlimited supporter, so the DU Duck Dash was a great event to do together. The virtual event encouraged participants to "put some throttle in their waddle" while supporting water fowl, wetlands and clean water. 

Brenda completed her fist official 10K run and Holder biked the 5K. Fun fact with this hardware earned, when you walk, the wings of the duck flap on the medal and it sounds like a quacking duck. 

The Depot (and Indian Lake Outfitters) is open all year long from 10am-6pm, Tuesday thru Saturday in Downtown Lakeview and 10:30am-5:30pm Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and 10:30am-3:30pm on Saturdays in Downtown Kenton, offering local vendor space for makers and hobbiests with items from gifts and antiques to clothing and souvenirs

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