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Great Ohio Bicycle Adventure

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The official Great Ohio Bicycle Adventure, GOBA, is happening now and we caught them enjoying a short ride thru Downtown Lakeivew today. GOBA is an amazing way to get outdoors and discover Ohio. This year with the "Fly Wright, Leap Boldly" event, the additional loop from Wapak to Lakeview was a scenic ride and great add-on to the tour. 

GOBA is a tour, not a race, making the Great Ohio Bicycle Adventure an annual eight-day journey of fun and discovery for up to 1,500 riders of all ages.

The Depot (and Indian Lake Outfitters) is open all year long from 10am-6pm, Tuesday thru Saturday in Downtown Lakeview and 10:30am-5:30pm Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and 10:30am-3:30pm on Saturdays in Downtown Kenton, offering local vendor space for makers and hobbiests with items from gifts and antiques to clothing and souvenirs. 

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