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Ohio Ice Cream A Scoop of History By Renee Casteel Cook Book
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Ohio Ice Cream A Scoop of History By Renee Casteel Cook Book


Drawing on a rich dairy heritage, Ohio has whipped up an ice cream industry worthy of tourism. The state has legitimate claims as the birthplace of the ice cream cone and the banana split, and the Klondike Bar and the Good Humor Man were created here. Ohio’s storied legacy lives on today in the inventive new flavors at Jeni’s Splendid Ice Creams and Mason’s Creamery and frozen forms at Simply Rolled. From seasonal mom and pop stands The Dairy Hut and Whipty-Do to year-round go-to scoop shops like Graeter’s, Johnson’s and Tom’s Ice Cream Bowl, satisfied customers share taste experiences each as distinctly delicious as the next. Author Renee Casteel Cook takes readers on a tour of tasty treats from the 3Cs to the smaller cities, sampling stories from the late 1800s to the present day.

Renee Casteel Cook is a lifelong ice cream lover and recovering advertising industry account executive turned freelance writer, always with a focus on food and beverage. To balance out all of her diligent “research,” Renee runs, both for exercise and to keep up with her three lovely little girls, ages six and two (twins!), all in training to enjoy eating equally as much as their mother. Thankfully, Renee not only married into a last name fitting of a food writer, but the man who came with it also lives up to the title, as husband Jim is the head chef of the house. A Chicago native, now based in the heart of the “heart of it all,” Renee embraced the diverse food scene in Columbus through her 2016 title The Columbus Food Truck Cookbook and is excited to expand to cities and small towns throughout the state in this guide to Ohio ice cream.

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