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All Natural Smoked Honey 12oz
Nathan Davis

All Natural Smoked Honey


Something sweet with a hint of smoke!? Nate’s Nectar Smoked Honey goes great on anything where you are wanting some smoke flavor. Our natural raw honey has been infused with morita chile peppers to give that sweet smoky flavor that goes great on meats or used as a rub. Enjoy the flavor of smoked honey in your favorite recipes or just as a spread on your favorite bread. Try Nate’s Nectar Smoked Honey today and enjoy the sweet smoky flavor.

Nate's Nectar honey is natural and raw, meaning nothing has been added to the honey. Raw honey is honey that is unprocessed. Nate's Nectar does not heat or micro filter their honey to ensure that they produce top quality raw honey, leaving all pollen and other good nutrients in tact. The squeeze bottle with closable cap makes it easy to pour out your desired amount and seal the rest for a later use.

Local pick up is available at the store, 115 E Lake St, Lakeview OH 43331, Tuesday - Saturday from 10am-6pm.

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