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DIGIGTAL E-BOOK Growing Free By Michael Hoag Laura Oldanie Digital E-Book
Transformative Adventures

Growing Free By Michael Hoag Laura Oldanie Digital E-Book

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This book will show you how regular people like you are creating amazing lives, escaping the destructive corporate economy, growing financial security, and creating fulfilling right livelihoods and beautiful communities by doing it. 

Most "money books" promise the world, then teach us to invest in the same sociopathic corporations that are wrecking it. They temp us with "freedom," then trap us in a new rat race of decadent daydreams of yachts and sports cars, which require side hustles, risky bets, and long hours of "the grind."

What's the point of "wealth" if it costs us everything we hold dear?

Then, the same books tell us 90% of their investments actually lose money anyway.  

Growing FREE is the alternative: an encyclopedia of practical tools, regenerative investments, and transformative business models that these 5 experts have used to chart their own path out of the rat race.

Growing FREE will:

*Bust the "money myths" that are destroying the planet and keeping you trapped.

*Help you experience holistic wealth and abundance beyond the money economy.

*Give you proven patterns to spend less and save money.

*Show you a path to freedom from fear and anxiety so you can open yourself to new opportunities.

*Teach you how to invest in alternatives to destructive corporate stocks, like smart land-based regenerative investments.

*Provide you with hundreds of regenerative business ideas and dozens of proven, positive income streams to create your own, personal right livelihood.

Local pick up is available at the store, 115 E Lake St, Lakeview OH 43331, Tuesday - Saturday from 10am-6pm.

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