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Bri Clem

Holiday Christmas Tree Ornament Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Michaelangelo Orange

Designed by Bri's Crafts & Things, these fun holiday ornaments are thin, round bulbs filled with lots of sparkle and vinyled with your favorite Ninja Turtle Character.

Ornaments measure about 3" in diameter and 1" thick.

Michaelangelo (Mickey), wears an orange mask and uses nunchucks.
Leonardo (Leo), wears a blue mask and uses two katana.
Donatello (Donnie), wears a purple mask and uses a bo staff.
Raphael (Raph), wears a red mask and uses uses sais.

Local pick up is available at the store, 115 E Lake St, Lakeview OH 43331, Tuesday - Saturday from 10am-6pm.

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